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Coffed was founded in 2008. At first we looked for clients interested in industrial machines and worked as a broker between purchasing and sales. 2009 was a turning point for us as we realized the first project of refurbishment and delivery of machines for another company Mokate in Żory. Everything went fast from that moment on. The market appreciated the knowledge and experience of our employees which in result allowed us to build a 799-square-meter specialised hall serving both as a warehouse and a workshop. Inside, we created a modern plant for refurbishing coffee roasting machines which we have used ever since.

We are always on the move

We realize just how dynamic the market is and that technology goes forward every day. That is why Coffed believes in investments into advanced machines for steel processing and equipment that gives us the possibility of designing and manufacturing our own new machines for roasting coffee. Thanks to constant investments, we managed to refurbish and sell over 60 machines for roasting coffee to our clients worldwide. All the photos are available in realizations tab. Due to a dynamic development of our company and necessity of purchasing next machines for processing steel, we decided to build the company up. To the existing building, we are planning to add extra workshop rooms and another warehouse, 400 and 1100 square metres respectively. The building process is to begin in May 2017.

Team is our recipe for success

Currently, Coffed employs 26 people who know their job like nobody else. It is their talent and experience that back up our success. We also have our own R&D department where qualified professionals, designers and automatics engineers think how to make the company even better.

We haven't had the final say

Despite clients' recognition, we are not staying in one place. In 2017 we introduced onto the market our own project - SR25 - an innovative coffee roaster which allows the user to adjust its silghtest details of work. Our R&D is currently working also on implementing into manufacture roasters with 5 and 60-kilo batches of green coffee. The manufacture and sale of these machines are to be lanuched in 2017.

Manufacture and education

Apart from production and sales of coffee roasting machines, we offer our clients trainings, consulting and technical support on the matters related to the use of our products. Contact us today and see just how much we have to offer you. You are welcome to visit our company and have a look at how hard we work to provide our clients with amazing coffee roasters.

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Manufacturer of coffee roasting line

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